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What are The Benefit of Working With Us?

1. Access to Top Talent

Our expertise in the job market and understanding of necessary skills for different roles enables us to help you identify and attract top talent for those troublesome, hard-to-fill job openings.

2. Save Time and Money

Teaming up with us can be a cost-effective and efficient solution if you are seeking a fast way to fill executive positions. We have the expertise and resources that you need to identify and attract the best talent, ultimately saving time and budget in the recruitment process.

3. Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Your business can benefit from the expertise of our executive search team, who can manage critical aspects of the recruitment process, including screening, interviewing, reference checking, even compensation negotiation. This saves you a lot of time to focus more on your business, and leave the hard parts to us.

4. Valuable Vast Industry Insight

By using the expertise of executive search firms, companies can receive invaluable guidance and suggestions to transform your recruitment strategies, especially if you want to enter a new market.

5. Experienced Executive Search Team

Partnering with match recruitment can provide a significant advantage for you. We had established networks and relationships with top candidates, increasing the success rate of finding the ideal fit for your open positions. With personal connections and referrals being more crucial than ever, partnering with us can be instrumental in securing the right talent for your businesses.

What Our Partners Say About Us

Hear real life feedback about us from our clients & candidates
hanna, talent acquisition
“I’m very pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for match recruitment®. I have been consistently impressed with match’s attitude (engagement, dependable and high in integrity).”
Talent Acquisition & Assessment Group Head
hanna, talent acquisition
The reasons why we have always worked with match recruitment as our number one choice for recruiters and headhunters is firstly, match recruitment always pays special attention to the details of the candidates that can improve the value of our company. Second, match recruitment respects the culture and depth required to build a productive business.

And finally, they are such genuinely wonderful people to work with anyway. It has been wonderful to always have a chat with match recruitment by Jeppy and Silvi. So, thank you so much for all the wonderful candidates that you have added to our company.
Derice S.
Director of Marketing and Sales to Royal Progress
Dr. Ivan, private hospital
match recruitment® has been a successful recruitment partner of ours for a number of years now. The consultants are professional, thorough and willing to take the time to understand our business needs. They quality of candidates that they provided are great, and they’ve successfully fulfilled many vacancies, even the toughest ones. We have no hesitation in recommending match recruitment to anyone who appreciates a good value solution.
Dr. Ivan
Reputable private hospital in North Jakarta
adhitia, operational director
match recruitment® helped me to successfully advance my career, most recently in high-level executive role. They’ve assisted throughout the process to really understand the culture the company, and the users expectations.
Operational Director
winston, ceo
match recruitment® has been invaluable in finding top talent for our organization. They make sure candidates are pre-screened and qualified before interviews, saving us alot of hassle from recruiting. Thank you guys!
ronny, executive talent sourcing
match recruitment® had been very helpful and reliable during our talent hunting journey. They are able to provide relevant candidates as per requirement in a very short time frame. I will definitely recommend match recruitment for any organization that need Executive Search services”
AVP Executive Talent Sourcing

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. What are the benefits of using an executive search firm?

✅ Wide range of selected high-level candidates
✅ Vast network of top candidates including passive candidates that not actively seeking new opportunities.
✅ Navigate the challenges of hiring in a new market
✅ Providing market insights and understanding local employment laws and customs.
✅ Fill positions quickly.
✅ Fill “hard-to-fill” specialty roles in challenging fields.
✅ Experience filling senior-level roles and can provide guidance and support throughout the hiring process.
✅ Many more

With all of these benefits, is it worth waiting for another time? Contact us now!

2. Should I use an executive search firm?

Thinking about using an executive search firm to fill a top-level position? Here's why you should consider match recruitment:

- We specialize in finding top talent and have 8.000+ candidates in our ERP system than you might have on your own.

- We have more than 20 years of experience in assessing candidates and help more than 400 companies find the right fit for their company culture and needs.

- And the best part? We can handle the recruitment process, saving you time and resources so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

3. How to connect with executive recruiters?

You can talk to us right now right here. Don't be afraid to reach out to our executive search firms directly to start building a relationship, w.

4. What is the effect of using executive search firms in the recruitment process?

With match recruitment, you can find top talent for executive positions without the hustle and bustle of taking care of each step by yourself. We provide specialized expertise and access to a wider pool of candidates. Help you find the best fit for your company culture and needs.

5. How do executive recruiters find candidates?

We use a variety of methods, like our network, referrals, and online job boards, as well as research and data analysis.

6. How long does it take to fill a director position?

It can vary depending on the complexity of the position and the availability of candidates. On traditional recruitment, it takes between 3-6 months to fill a director position, but with match recruitment, we can save you a lot of time.
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